How do digital downloadable version works?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a link to the file upon reaching the 'Thank You' page in checkout. You'll also receive a link in your Order Confirmation email which will be sent out within 24 hours of your order. 

Dependant on the payment gateway you use to complete your order, the file link in the thank you page can take a little time.

You can then take it to a local printer (support your local businesses!!!) or upload to a website that will print it on anything for you!

Digital prints come as a .jpeg file with a permanent license to print and use on anything and everything. Forever. 

These downloads are for personal use only! You cannot print and resell this work. All rights to the artwork is reserved try me.

If you have any issues with your print, you're unable to download the file, or you have any further questions, please Contact Me or refer to the Policies/FAQs pages in the footer.

Exact colours may vary due to differences in screen colour settings and photography editing.


Do you do physical prints?

I do! I sell 8.5" x 11" prints and 5" x 7" prints. Currently these are only available within Canada and the USA

I also sell physical prints of my work (along with other items) when I do my in person events, market stalls and conventions (click here to see where I'll be and when!).

This website will also sell digital copies of my art work and that is for a few reasons. 

- Firstly, this allows for my business model to support others. The digital download file can be used to have prints made from local printers (saving you cost of shipping) or even used to have other things printed with the design (t-shirts, mugs, keychains, anything you like!) so find a local printer and support 2 businesses with your purchase! Remember: These downloads are for personal use only! You cannot print and resell this work. All rights to the artwork is reserved try me.


Do you sell prints and digital downloads to anywhere outside Canada and the USA?

Unfortunately not right now.

To be able to sell physical and digital products in the UK and EU, I would need to register for VAT (then charge you that VAT). This costs money and requires the ability to do taxes on a regular basis and I have neither the time nor demand on my work right now to make this process worth it. I was selling through Etsy for physical prints to the UK and EU but as Etsy keep raising their prices, I was going to have to start pricing my work at rates that I just wasn't comfortable charging.

The cost of shipping keeps going up. The further away from Canada you are, the more expensive it gets and most of my orders come to less than the cost of shipping! (or just slightly over) and I'm just not comfortable with this. I have also had honesty from followers who have mentioned being put off purchasing due to the shipping costs (and I myself have been put off purchasing from others due to the same shipping costs)



What can I get from you at events?

 I plan on bringing prints, stickers, original paintings and artworks, embroidered items and all sorts of other things I've made for the event with me for purchase. I will showcase on this website what I plan on selling and for how much (incase you want to come prepared). I will list all my in person events on the 'events' page


Do you take on commissions?

I am not currently taking on commissions


Can I get it tattooed?

Of course! Yes! Yay! That's such an honour! If it is for your own personal use and intended to be tattooed on your body. I just ask that you purchase a digital download of the piece or buy a print of it to support my work and it will also be a good reference to take to your tattoo artist. Having tattoos myself and having family who work in the tattoo industry, I would suggest you ask your artist to re-draw it in their style and adjust things to make it work as a tattoo as they too are an artist and it's important to respect and appreciate their own work. I would LOVE to see photos of your tattoos, so please tag and credit me for the design if you post about them on social media!

***This does not include the rights for tattooers to use my work as tattoo flash and profit off my designs without permission.


Returns and Replacements

All digital print sales are final. No refunds, returns or order cancellations will be offered. Size guides and descriptions are made clear. 

If there is an issue with a product you have purchased in person, please complete the "contact me" form or send me an email at helloamethystry@gmail.com with a picture of the issue. If there is a serious issue with an order an investigation into the issue will take place and a replacement may be sent out but not guaranteed.