CAL - Week 4

Hi!!! Welcome to the last and final blog post for the CAL!


How have you been getting on?


I'm super excited to finish this and see the whole thing come together!


Let's dive straight into it shall we?


Things you will need this week:
- 5mm Crochet Hook
- White Yarn
- Stitch Markers (optional but recommended for this one)
- Scissors
- Yarn needle
So this week, there is a few things to do but they are very simple if not fiddly and maybe a bit awkward as we go from working with small squares to a full sized blanket. 
Follow along with the video if you've been enjoying doing it that way or skip to the pattern!

Joining and boarder
Difficulty: SUPER EASY but fiddly!
Stitches and terms we will use: 
- sk: slip knot 
st/sts: stitch/stitches
- sl st: slip st
- ch: chain
- sc: single crochet
Pattern Notes:
- Written in American terminology 

So joining the squares together is very easy, the most difficult bit is trying to work around the size. My recommendation is to do this part in a floor area where it won't get stepped on (looking at you pet owners here)
Step 1: Lay out all your squares face up in alternating order 6 squares by 6 squares. 
Step 2: Starting with the first 2 rows, sandwich them together so their front panels are facing. Remember you want to work down the length of the blanket so make sure that the direction you will be crocheting follows the direction you'll be adding each square. This may sound confusing and I'm sorry for that, you just want to make sure you're using one continues length of yarn for the whole row instead of cutting it off each time you've fixed 2 squares together. If this has completely lost you, watch the video as it may help to clarify!)
Step 3: Make a sk onto your hook leaving a tail long enough to weave in.
Step 4: Working into the last stitches of the square (going through the back loops only) put you're hook through both squares and join with a sl st.
Step 5: Continue this process of sl st along the full row of squares.
Step 6: Once you reach the end, fasten off and leave a tail long enough to weave in.
Step 7: Continue this across each row joining all the squares together. This is where it becomes fiddly because as you join them together length ways you will get the holes where they aren't connected across, this is why I suggest doing it on the floor as it allows for an easier way to lay everything down to help not get confused.
Step 8: Once all the lengths ways have been joined, it's time to join them all across. This is done in the exact same way apart from one step. When you reach the seem from joining them lengthways, you will need to do a ch st to allow room to get over that join. Otherwise you're just continuing the sl st all the way across until you reach the end and fasten off. 
And there we have it! You have your blanket all joined!!! YAY!
Now it's time to put a boarder around it!
To do this, you need to start by weaving in all the ends. Sorry! I know this part sucks!
Once you have the ends weaved in, let's start the boarder!
This is where you can definitely get creative! There are so many different boarder type you can do! I'm going to start you off but then you can feel free to do your own thing!
Let's start with a simple sc boarder, this will just bring the boarders around the squares and the joining of the squares together before you move on to something different (if you want to! you don't have to!)
To do this we will do exactly what we did to make the boarder around the individual squares.

Leaving a tail long enough to weave in, make a slip knot onto your hook.
Attach this to a corner space of your square by making a sl st into the space. Don't chain, work straight from this position

Round 1:

- into the corner space make 2 sc, ch 2, 2 sc - this makes your first corner
- sc into the tops of all the stitches across one side of your square. 
- when you reach the joining part, skip over that and go straight into the first st of the next square.
- when you reach the corner, repeat the first step - 2 sc, ch 2, 2 sc
continue this way around the square until you reach the place you connected your white yarn and sl st into the top of the first st you made.
Round 2:
- There's no need to chain here. Just continue the same as round 1 until you have created a secod round of sc around the eintire blanket.
And done! You can finish here if you want to! You have a blanket!
If you want to get creative or continue until you run out of yarn, you can absolutely do that!
Thanks so much for joining me in this! I hope you have enjoyed it and I really hope it was fun!
I'd love to see your finished blankets!!!
Don't forget to share your progress on Instagram and tag me because I love to see it and use the hashtag #amethystrycal !!!
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