Nature and Magic - Paint and Fibers
Trying to create pieces of art slowly, with intention, and with care for the world around me.

...take a look at some of the things I make...

Take a look at some of my recent projects. From Digital painting to stitching with threads and yarn, my artwork goes through seasons, it changes depending on what my life looks like at the time and what is speaking to me in that moment.

  • Fiber Art

    I have a passion for yarns, threads and fibres that runs deep to my core. The different colours, textures, stitches, I find fibres so pleasing both to work with and to look at and my passion for this art form means it will always be my favourite way to make art. Fiber art will always be the foundation of my creative expression.

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  • Digital Art

    I started drawing digitally when I moved to Canada in 2016 and since then have come to love the medium. I have stepped away from digital recently to pursue more textural/tactile mediums but will always love coming back to my iPad, especially when I'm shorter on time and don't want the added mess to clean up.

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  • Hand Painted

    My hand painted pieces have been pushed aside and unloved for a while as I played with digital drawing but I've recently fallen back in love with the slowness of hand painting. It requires more care, attention and time. I have a history in fibre arts and am trying to work this in to my paintings too.

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